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Sales Planning and Qualification

Naologic's qualification app allows the sales rep to qualify the opportunity for each deal and better understand client profiles.

Get custom alerts for relevant activities, communicate directly from quotations via email, automatically keep complete records of your negotiations.

CRM and Pipeline Management

A single hub for customer relationship management. Track relevant metrics across the sales cycle, from your early prospecting efforts to the closing of a deal.

The pipeline management tool identifies numbers across your sales cycle, and allows sales managers and partners to better understand their current revenue position, and create more predictable revenue projections.

Accounting and Analytics

Connect your favorite accounting solutions to manage payments online and offline.

Get to know your sales funnel

Incrementally improve your sales funnel in real-time, based on what works for your sales department.

  • Prospecting
    The right tools will help you reach the right potential customers
  • Qualifying
    Incorporate data into your sales and tailor your approach based on what your lead will relate to
  • Pre-sale
    Ever wished you had smoother software to help streamline the pre-sale process?
  • Objections
    Address concerns at the click of a button and based on previous, similar prospects
  • Close
    Because the closing the sale is really the start of the relationship
  • Post-sale
    Ensure retention and happy, long-time loyalty

Developing Leads

Integrate your sales qualification process to get the maximum out of your sales team


Marketing Qualified Lead

Sales Qualified Lead

Sales Accepted Lead

Accelerated Digital Transformation

We believe every company should create software specific to them, to more smoothly manage their operations


Empowering you to plan effectively and implement specific business strategies fast.

Scale Your Operations

Focus on your key performance indicators by continuously optimizing your company's software and providing your team with the data they need to make informed decisions.

Learn by Doing

By creating a feedback loop and continuously improving improving your software, we ensure that your team always has the best tool for the job.

Streamline your sales through Naologic

Sales is hard enough as it is. Learn how Nao can help you streamline the software that makes it all happen.

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