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Workforce Analytics

Instantly view your current workforce breakdown and key metrics on how efficiently your company is executing your business processes. Conduct experiments to understand how to work more efficiently together.

Onboarding and Smart Staffing

Manage new hires and ensure your team leaders are creating and assigning tasks that best fit the employee and the team, all within Naologic's workforce tools.

Each employee has access to a panel in which you can align their staffing levels with the business demand.

Successfully manage your employees

Oversee important information for each department at a glance. Restrict visibility of sensitive information to just HR managers, and make other information, such as an employee directory, public for all employees to see.

Collaboration tools for ...

Powerful tools to make your team...
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  • Employee management

    Surface the most relevant data for more efficient and accurate manual reviews.

  • Secure login

    See rich analytics on fraud performance and dispute rates.

  • Messaging and notifications

    Set precise rules to flag or block certain transactions.

  • Organizational charts

    Sync existing lists of trusted or blocked users..

Accelerated Digital Transformation

We believe every company should create software specific to them, to more smoothly manage their operations


Empowering you to plan effectively and implement specific business strategies fast.

Scale Your Operations

Focus on your key performance indicators by continuously optimizing your company's software and providing your team with the data they need to make informed decisions.

Learn by Doing

By creating a feedback loop and continuously improving improving your software, we ensure that your team always has the best tool for the job.

Nao's guide to workforce management

Did you know that workforce management is one of the most frequently manually executed domains for companies? Time to automate and time to do it in a smart way.

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