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What is Enterprise Resource Planning?

Learn from our blog about ERP and what it can do for your business.

Happy Customers
Beautiful Website
Happy Customers
Custom Everything
Scale Operations
Sell More
Work Faster
Decision Making
Faster Payments
Manual entry
Generic software
Least-worst solutions
Administrative errors
Lost revenue
Connected Planning
Supply Chain
Increase Sales Performance
Business Apps
Faster Sales Execution
Better Planning
More Incentives
Performance Management

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Business Benefits

Gain competitive edge by becoming a people-centric organization and experimenting with your business processes

Experiment & Scale

Create optimization hypotheses for your internal processes
Publish the data model in Naologic
Test the new process with your team

People Centric

Naologic asks questions about your business
Your team tells us what the ideal way to work is
Our platform creates the solution for you

Analyze and Report

Analyze how effectively your system is being used
Detect operational bottlenecks
Optimize the workflow to increase productivity

Instant ROI

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Continuous ROI with experiments
Reduce IT spending by over 70%

Source Code

Own your data!
Ownership of the source code with licensing options
Secure by design and constantly updated

400k Developers

Large community of developers
Hiring is very easy
Developers love working on cutting edge technologies

Integration is a key success factor for your system

APIs are critical to addressing the complex integration needs and concerns of the modern enterprise, so it makes sense that an integration platform that can also be used to create and manage APIs can help companies realize the value of all their technology investments


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